Experience the luxury of letting you drive around in an American convertible. In a Cadillac, the American icon with an old-fashioned V8 engine or perhaps a bit more modest in a Chrysler convertible with a modern V6 engine. Fully equipped, you will be guided through the city and surroundings in a unique way. Maximum enjoyment!

Of course our cars are also ideal for a wedding, gala, party or other special occasions. From chic to rock and roll, a Cadillac can be fitted anywhere.

Our experienced drivers ensure that you do not have to get bored, know the city very well and of course drive smoothly and guide you effortlessly through the hectic Amsterdam traffic.

Jogchum Straatsma

Fantastic service.

Cabriotours values small scale, exclusivity and a personal approach. Special knowledge of the city of Amsterdam, the Dutch landscape and our talent for good hospitality guarantee you tailor-made solutions and exclusivity.


Cadillac Eldorado convertible

The "Eldo" from 1974 is a very spacious 6 person car that in no way excels in modesty. Because the car has front-wheel drive, unique in America in the 70s, the car has a flat floor which is even more beneficial to the passenger area.

Chrysler Sebring convertible

The Chrysler is of a more modern generation and suitable for 4 people. Despite its large size, this car is more modest in all respects than an antique Cadillac. This also applies to the costs so that we can rate rides in this car cheaper.

Cadillac Coupe De Ville triple white

If the weather conditions do not allow open driving or if you prefer a closed car, we will provide this coupe built in 1976. Even more than 6 inches longer than the Eldorado and due to its color and appearance, it is ideal for weddings and other special occasions.

Amsterdam at night

Is the wet Dutch climate suitable for driving in a convertible? Yes, our experience is that it is more than 90% dry on average over the year and this percentage is even higher in the summer. Maybe too cold? With the right clothing and the fleece blankets and fur hats on board, even a night-time tour through Amsterdam at 50 degrees Fahrenheit can be made in a very comfortable way. In fact, the evenings, especially summers, are ideally suited to visit Amsterdam.

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